Painted Desert

Painted Desert

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Long time gone

Finally back from our camping trip. It's late now, I intend to go to bed in half an hour, but I've been wanting to make a blog post so here it is. I've been working on my final project all day, in between lying down and staring into space. It was in the 90s here today and very stuffy in our dorm. But now I am done.

I won't have much time to talk about things tonight!

Here I am near the Wind River range in western WY.

The Wind Rivers are quite impressive, and have a different look to them than the Bighorns. We were there to map hard rocks. The world of geology is divided, in a way, into "hard rock," "soft rock" and "no rock." Hard rocks are igneous and metamorphic rocks, and they are much harder, generally, than sedimentary (soft) rocks. ("No rock" refers to disciplines like glaciology and hydrogeology.) We hadn't seen any hard rocks so far at field camp... there aren't any in the field camp area... so we drove half a day away to where some ancient metamorphosed rocks were. Some of these rocks formed billions of years ago.

Me again, at our BLM campsite near the old mining town of Atlantic City, WY. The weather in the Wind Rivers was hot and windy, and very mosquitoey.

The best thing was the hill next to our campsite, which we climbed at night to see the sun set. Here are three of my friends dressed up like hobos in preparation for night coming on.

We watch the sun set.

Here are some of us in the Wind Rivers, at one of our mapping areas, doing what we do best.

But it's time for bed now, so to part ways...

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Love the pictures of you, of course.