Painted Desert

Painted Desert

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The arrival of the fourth horse

I started this blog as a fiction blog, to get me writing, back in 2005. I want to speed-write again, but I didn't want to confuse my new readers who only know this as a travel blog, so I've split SedLife in two. My fiction, including two new entries, can now be found at The Fourth Horse.

Loyal followers, carry on. While after returning to Denver and talking to various friends and acquaintances I now realize that there are far more people than my mother reading my blog, I cannot encourage you enough to leave a comment now and then... it gives me a cheery feeling and keeps me going!


Mom said...

Your mother is still reading your blog.



Jane said...

I'm still reading it too!

Jane from Iowa State

J said...

OMG, Jane from Iowa State. Who else around the country could be reading my blog that I haven't even seen in a year and a half? If that sentence makes sense. Thanks for stopping in!

Anonymous said...
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