Painted Desert

Painted Desert

Monday, July 29, 2013


I have finally been having some adventures, so here's a catch-up post, with pics from spring through early summer.

Above, a close-up of some snowflakes. As "spring" came to Denver, it just kept snowing. One storm had particularly large and well-formed snowflakes, and I got several photos of them. And here is a shot of a tree in the park.

This is Sarah. Together, we have been having adventures. We went to the little resort town of Manitou Springs...

I don't know what this is... er, I guess the sign on the building says it is the Miramont Castle Museum... but I lack photos from the more interesting parts of the trip, like when the car broke down on the highway in a blizzard.

Here we go on a spring snowshoeing trip at Echo Lake, with 70 degree weather and lovely sunshine.

Then, we went camping at White Ranch, the lovely park outside Denver with free hike-in campsites. While we were there, Sarah stumbled on a letterbox. From reading the materials inside, we learned that letterboxing is NOT geocaching (in which participants use their GPSes and a set of clues to find boxes filled with trinkets -- take a trinket, leave a trinket). The letterbox contained a book, a stamp and pad, and some pot.

Many people had written in the book and added their own stamps. Many people expressed that they weren't looking for the box when they found it (wedged in some rocks at the campsite). A couple people expressed that they were upset that it wasn't a secret drug stash. And someone else indicated that they were adding drugs, so no more disappointment would result.

We relaxed, and went on a hike and saw some cactus flowers.

And we went on a hike outside Boulder, yay! In the distance you can see the red tile roofs of the university. The end.

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