Painted Desert

Painted Desert

Monday, July 29, 2013

Yes to photography

I also have adventures without Sarah. Lately I had been thinking about improving my photography techniques, so I took a couple photography books out of the library. I learned many things about shooting landscapes with an object of interest in the foreground. But partway into the second book, I stopped enjoying the reading and gave up. So, this is one new thing I know how to do. In future posts, you will enjoy many photos of landscapes with an object of interest in the foreground. Also, there are some flowers peeking out of the shadow of a tree.

I also got to photograph a couple things I have always wanted to get shots of. Well, I have "always" wanted to photograph the Denver Chalk Art Fest since I heard about it last year. This year I got to catch part of it. Here are my pictures:

The other thing I always wanted to get a shot of was lightning. I have clicked my way through many storms on the horizon and have never actually gotten a picture of a bolt. But not long ago, there was a fantastic storm to the north of Denver that was tossing about a bolt a second, often cloud-to-cloud. So we drove up to the top of a parking garage and I kept taking shots. I might have gotten 20 shots with bolts in them. It was like shooting fish in a barrel, and none of them is particularly artful as a photograph, but hey, it's lightning.

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